Interstella 5555: Part Seven

and now it's here,
we've reached the end,
i know it's rough,
goodbye my friend,
the times were good,
the mood was light,
there weren't nuff room,
your twat's so tight!?

as if you didn't peep it on your own time. don't let me catch you running off again or i'll give you a colombian necktie. a colombian necktie's when you slit a guy's throat, then pull his tongue through the hole so it hangs down like a necktie. usually gets the point across. not to be confused with the oft-utilized sicilian necktie kids.

and for those who see this as mere adolescent hyperviolence, know that it's really foreshadowing for the next series of posts, which will be far more disturbing and upsetting than any of that necktie bizness. trust me.

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