Well I Never?!?! And You Never Will You Mark Ass Trick!

there are few things in this world that i enjoy more than being scoffed at by (preferably gorgeous) chicks while i'm in full-bore beast mode. nothing satisfies quite like that scrunched up nose or that quick burst of air that coincides with a protracted, theatrical eye roll.

what the fuck's her problem?

i don't know.
maybe i have my pants down.

maybe i'm tripping face at the bar, spewing nonsensical wisdom juice and generally causing problems.

maybe i've drawn a swastika on my dicktip and i'm insisting that she "heil little hitler." (has never happened, but a kid can dream, can't he?)

maybe i'm bleeding, yet carrying on as though nothing's wrong, brushing off pleas to go to the hospital. possibly beasting out even harder as a result of the blood loss.

maybe i have a "coke moustache."

maybe my shirt is caked in vomit.

maybe i just snorted a hollywood of cayenne pepper to please a crowd.

maybe i'm sporting a full-blown erection.

maybe i've just been caught trying to steal a bottle from behind the bar.

maybe it's just that i'm "drinking too much" or "doing drugs."

whatever the situation, rest assured that kasai is going above and beyond to be all that he can be. an absolute derelict, to be sure. well. dere-lick-my-balls katie kondescension!

the best is when katie kondescension is going out with a close friend. haha.

"how can you be friends with someone like this?" she asks in horror.

well sweetheart, the heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.
vive le cirque!

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