Interstella 5555: Part Two.

Part Two. Those helmets Daft Punk rock are fucking dope sick! but one has to wonder just how comfy they are. hmmmm... i bet they're super duper comfy. like a motorcycle helmet lined with clouds and babies' dreams. i mean how else could you explain them never really removing them? it must be like sex for your face. i kinda feel like they even wear them when they're banging out their wives/groupies/girlfriends. maybe they get off on "technologic" sex? who knows?

as i don't have the luxury of wearing a full face helmet everywhere i go (especially not during sex; could you imagine the explanation?), i think i'm gonna strike out on my own headgear crusade. what piece of equipment would be worthy of a brave young soul who once went out on the town in a Onesie? you know, the fleece pajamas with the footies that you used to wear back when you couldn't do math problems or even count without using your fingers. god we were fucking dumb back then.

but yeah, being the onesie wearing cavalier, i've decided that it would be right and proper to bring back ski goggles as the facial accessory of choice. and i don't mean in some hipster-chic bullshit scenester way. no. i mean like fucking robbing the corner store style, eating now-or-laters by the case, bringin chaos to blocks like the riots in Watts. Think less Lower East Side, more Wu-Tang "Forever."

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