more than meets the eye.

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it could be argued that this cartoon's sole purpose was to market as many toys as possible to kids. toys and all the other shit they tried to sell us during those 7 minutes of commercials each day. but there was more to it than that.

an agenda perhaps?

to be sure, there are parallels between Transformers, a mere cartoon, and geopolitics and American foreign policy/propaganda.

oh you don't believe me? you think i don't know what the fuck to do with it? shit. i been in this game for a minute, kid. i gots the proof. got it for cheap. knfau!

for Starters, the war on CyberTron, the catalyst for the robots' (incidental) voyage to Earth, is driven by Energon Cubes and the desperate search for non-renewable energy. yeah. that's what the fuck i thought. sit down.

after watching just a few episodes, it becomes rather clear that Optimus Prime should be the new title of the President of the United States (that'll get this country back on track) and as a condition of inauguration, he should wear red, white, and blue at all times.

staying true to geopolitical form, Megatron is constantly challenged by StarScream (the way foreign despots are often challenged by frustrated, power-hungry rebel factions). yet on the other end, Prime is the indefatigable leader of the AutoBots. dissent painted as treason i guess.

at one point, one of the subordinate Autobots, Mirage, suggests that they should turn back and bounce to their homeworld of CyberTron, and that they're not fighters like the Decepticons (mind you this is the 2nd episode that he's saying this).

fucken coward!

Optimus ain't havin that. he urges Mirage and the other ObedientBots that "we must not shy from danger and evil," and that we must conquer those who try to do us harm.

sound familiar?

furthermore your honor, his unofficial motto is that freedom is the right of all sentient beings (except Decepticons; they should be killed; but everyone else should live freely).


just a cartoon my ass.

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