you heard the chief! let's rollll out!

"for those fans that have asked, the cassette door does not open up. but it is 3D with the plexiglass, and the cassettes can change around."

try and tell me this movie won't make bonkers cash come July 4th. that Spider-Man money son!

and for once i'm not necessarily laughing at the subject of a blog post, because fuck knows that if i had the resources, i would go around dressed like this 24/7.

but i would be optimus prime. obvi!

if only b/c he was the perfect metaphor for the America of Antiquity's grandiosity and invincibility. even though it was a Japanese cartoon. whatev. you know what i fucken mean. asshole.

but the point is, it was the perfect message for the Young Americans, Young Americans, we were the Young Americans, alllllllllllllright! wait that's me. and most of me mates. we were the Young Americans, allllllllllright!

damn i like to forgot!

vive le cirque you fucks!

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Daniel Cardona said...

I see this stuff and dream of the return of the DECEPTICONS, those cats once tackled my cousin in by Prospect Park (Brooklyn) and stole his Reebok pumps with a box cutter.

Hopefully the movie will revive the DECEPTICONS of Brooklyn Tech who did more than any Blood or Crip could do to shape my youth.