ima outline y'all like a fresh pair-a-NIKEs! again!

as if the Air Max 95s couldn't become any more unfuckwitable, Bill McMullen went and showed 'em how to do this son! limited edition "Shuttlemax" joints.

cop these and you could stunt just as hard as the hardest hardcore sneaker seeker, if not harder. take the shit all InterGalactic. fly around the club with this shit (making booster effects with your mouth) and the drawers will drop. guaranteed, or your Munny back!

if our actual space program was really this dopesick, we'd have hit up Mars like 20 years ago. there'd be a discotheque on that bitch by now. i don't know about you, but i'd prefer, nay, demand that my tax dollars be wasted more stylishly.

so holla at the, umm, kids @ Kidrobot if you're into this sort of thing. if not, lace up your Grant Hills and go smoke a Newport or sumthin.

Shuttlemax @ Kid Robot Store

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