two scoops.

i don't buy into the traditional gambles on the afterlife.

heaven v. hell?

sounds like a bunch of ricky-rec-league foolishness cooked up to scare badass kids or the pedophiles they may or may not succumb to.

sure. that kind of accountability for one's earthbound doings would be awesome. but aren't we being a little optimistic in our hopes for unequivocal universal justice and salvation?

let's get real here.

should there really be an afterlife, my hope is not for fluffy clouds or rosy-cheeked, lute-playing cherubs.

oh no.

i'm thinking a bit simpler. a bit more Indio.

kinda like Daft Punk at Coachella 2006. on an eternal loop.

there i am, front and center, surrounded by my best mates, with an unlimited supply of bomb E(thereal) pills at my disposal and plenty of beautiful babies to go around. and a cosmic remote control, just in case i wanna hop skip and jump past that sluggish interlude midway through their set.

yeah. that would make a fine "heaven" methinks.

feel free to disagree. don't be so nervous Pervis. speak up. it's your g**-given right. so i'm told. by the voices. they never really seem to take a break.

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