iss like this iss like that iss like this and-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! you fucking shot me man! what the fuck! you fucking shot me dude! fuck!

while downtown during lunch today, out the grimy window of the sub shop, i saw her, and instantly i cursed myself for not having a digital camera/legit camera phone.

no, i didn't see some multi-racial perfect 10 (dime) from the Hustler Club strolling down Saratoga St.

i'm talking politickin' mang!

you see, one of the benefits of living in a moderate to large sized metropolis is that inevitably, you will lay eyes upon some pretty fucked up, often destitute wizards of weird. sure, small towns have their nuts, but the population density just ain't man.

this particular crazy was jaywalking(?) in one of those motorized invalid carriages. like the shits i try to get, pretty much every week. they shouldn't promise a 30 day free trial if it's not really free. people like me really depend on that shit.

but yeah, this woman, possibly in her '70s, disrupting the flow of traffic and not giving a fuck, her carriage literally plastered in huge "Obama '08" campaign stickers. with an array of Amurrrican flags as additional adornment. and of course she was rockin' the crucial Amurrrican flag denim long sleeve. so what if it's fucken 91 degrees with 88% humidity? she loves her some America.


she loves her some Obama. she doesn't give a bitch's tit about whether this country is ready for a Black head of state or not. she wants him in there, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

so roll on you tiny diamond. keep hope alive.

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