i get my thrills at Blueberry Hills.

do you mind if i get a bit Pleistocene for a moment?
I've grown rather jaded with the Hollow-Scene.
the present. as the technocrats would have you believe.

i'm all for a quantum leap of sorts.
a bit of Paleolithic Japonisme to satisfy the OLD guard?
pre-dating Hokusai and Hokkaido alike.

nevermind the Champagne Supernova.
pay too much attention to it and you'll be Blinded By The Lights.
dizzy new heights, to be sure.

mama said there'd be days like this,
there'd be days like this, my mama said.

but she didn't mention anything about the shredded septums,
the pregnancy scares, the 4-car pile-ups, the rap sheets, the sleepless nights,
the spinning rooms and the tainted looms,
the drug debts, regrets, the dealer's threats,
the hyperviolence and her petty silence.

didn't warn us about any of that shit.
but we still love her, don't we?

so i guess i'm headed off to Gee's Bend.
population, 700. give or take.
head down in the 1986 Porsche 959 i stole from the estate of one Jerry Seinfeld.
Bahnstorm to where the living's easy and the girls are breezy.
or vice versa.

and as for my return?
don't wait up.
i wouldn't want to waste your time.
Stars Falling. at the Speed of Right.
it's Capriciously Delicious motherfucker!

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