things (can and will) fall apart.

i'm a Man of my word. i will return you and your brethren to your Keepers, as soon as you answer me a question...

where the FUCK are we?

i mean, i know we turned left at The Garland, then kept straight on Determinism Row for a few light years. but did we make a left or a right at the Electronic Emergency Sphere? and i don't recall if They said that Ambartsumian's Knot would be on Our Left or Our Right. fuck.


shit. did you see The Eyes? do you remember seeing The Eyes? it says here that you can't miss 'em. fuck!

just can't seem to remember... much of anything, these days.

i do remember bits and pieces though. MEGAbits and pieces.

yeah. there were these synaptic droplets, i mean the tiniest, most gorgeous of any synaptic droplets i'd ever seen, all beaded up, (hurriedly) cascading, one by one, down the Mighty Brow of the Astro-Castro Colossus. for a moment, floating there in stunned serenity, i thought i'd missed the memo, thought i'd 'passed on' to something Greater, because everything got super-silent. Super-Safe.

Safe As Fuck.

please please please don't worry.

i've been keeping my Eyes on It. on Things. on You. on Them.

some say i've not enough Eyes for the job, but binocular vision is inocular in ways the binary being cannot hope to comprehend.

i've whittled a thousand Over-Existences from the corpus callosum of the MultiVerse, and every fucking one of them has fallen victim to The Fuck-and-Suck Singularity.

how fucked up is that?




lemme bum a cigarette. and can i get five bucks? thanks. you're a good kid. good heart... so rare in this Day and Age.

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