go 2+ sleep. go 2 sleep. =4 your own sake.

if all this jazz had a foreword or a preface (by the author), it would begin with the words of Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin...

in the past few years, i've, rather involuntarily, trained myself to fall asleep without the aid of hard liquor. you see, those of my ilk may often require blackout drunkenness to hush the tiny neurological children that keep rapping at the Window Pane of Unconsciousness, causing Delta Wave Mischief even though their cortical parents called them home for dinner hours ago.

and my slightly eschewed Brain-Mind tends towards pretty horrific, hauntingly convincing dreams, so that's a total pain in the ass too.

so you're damned if you do, damned if you don't?

exactly. so when i do get my two hours of "sleep" and finally "wake up," i have to spend the day figuring out if what i said or did in a "dream" was actually said or done in "reality." pretty troubling stuff really, but it does keep things interesting.

alarm? dismay? the passing of judgement? you thought that "Maniac" trip was just a marketing ploy? Silly Wabbit, anti-psychotics are for (s)kids...

with problems and fury and destruction in their hip pocket, carried at all times. like a Photonotoxic shit-wallet, stuffed with FuckShit. and thus, my reversion to the Bad Old Days.

i'm simply tabulating this policy shift electronically because my two parts are once again at war.

The Battle of the BULGE...

ALPHA: don't booze. be safe. honor thy mother and father. 2+2=4. thou shalt not kill. i love too much to see you do this to yourself. (sobbing uncontrollably)


OMEGA: get to boozin' asshole! and hit Donte up. you haven't treated me to crack in a while you fuck. (burning itself with cigarettes)

this seemingly minor pre-struggle consideration will surely amuse in the morning. but as i sit here, marvelling at the viscous, translucent beauty of the gun-cleaner vodka that is Zelko (distilled in the picturesque industrial sector of Landsdowne, Baltimore County; MSRP - $4.99 for a fifth), i'd have to say the Smart Money's on The OMEGA. he's just so much more fucking fun that OMEGA.

"This is The End, The End For You My Friend."

night night, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Daniel Cardona said...

Confusion is a good thing in life. Not knowing the difference between Dream and Reality yet being aware of two as different, is a wonderful thing to deal with. Confusion in this manner makes people stay on their toes. They don't know what happened or will happen next. It is even better to cause confusion because people become too complacent.

The greatest things in our humanity have been because of chaos and confusion. Thinkers don't even come close to the Confusion-ers (all those accidental discoveries). Most choke artists and 'fuck-ups' think too much. "Paralysis through Analysis" as they call it.

Alpha waves make the ideal killer mind. The thinker who doesn't think. Alpha waves are associated with sleep, but if you are able to go into Alpha waves while awake you'll do great things.

That's all I'll unearth, anything more is just too Buddhist.