Dizzy New Shite, Blinded By The Trite. But She Saved Me, Yeah. She's Real Old Fashioned, Like Mae West With A Taste For Morphine.

I have but one rule to govern my general conduct.

The Prime Directive, if you must.
"To move about the detritus with the polynomial piety of a picturesque precis."

Brevity is the Soul of Shit, yeah.

And for the record, that's "Pray-See" for all you public school (US) grads out there.
As in, PRAY-You-Don't-SEE-Me-In-A-Dark-Alley-FatherFucker!
Or a well-lit one for that matter.

If i coulda reached my rod, i woulda blown his guts out
and all that.

That is, if i had brought my rod along at all.
I'm strapless for her. for them out there too. but mostly for her.

Her face is so painterly under those White City Lights.
Eyes filled with diamonds and the like.
Which makes sense, cos' the coif's as dark as anthracite.

A comely conduit to both Past and Future.
Truth and Deceit in the same sheath.

Absolute Zero fucks Infinity, but doesn't call the next day, like he said He would.
Doesn't bother Her much.

A true giver in a categorically Vampiric world.

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dylan said...

I had to write a bunch of precis (precii) in 10th grade for my history class. that's the only other time I've ever head someone use that word. I went to public school, though I was in a humanities program.