Keep On, And Ya Don't Stop! Don't Stop Till You Get Enough! I Mean It Bitch! I Paid For 2 Hours, I'm Gettin' 2 Hours! Get Back In There!

Shannon - Let The Music Play

kinda like her 'fuck you' to Madonna.

shit this song brings back memories. wearing a soiled, sweat-soaked Victorian wedding dress, cruising through Bed-Stuy at 1000 rpm in our stolen stretch 1983 Lincoln Towncar blaring Purple Rain on 8-track, sittin' on wire wheels and flicking through all 225 channels of the multi-band satellite television. a kilo of yay in my lap and a billion parties in my head.

it was about two hours before we realized the hooker was dead.

negligent homicide?

motherfucker, do you know who i am?!!? I'm the Original Born Jamerican Taliban Clairvoyant Child Prodigy Quiz Kid Shit-Talker Cock-Walker Pushaman Dreamweaver With The Slangsta Lean That Don't Take Shit Offa Nobody!

huh? that? yeah. yeah man, i got a permit for that AK. what's it to you you summumabitch!?!

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Daniel said...

Just showing that I read these.

This song used to play non-stop at the Roller Rink, then Hot 97 sponsored a few nights there, the fights were too much for police and the owners of the Roller Rink and they sold out the place to a Sear's Appliance store.

As a youngster at 6 I dreamed about DJing in the middle of that tower that was in the middle of the rink (reminded me of a rook in chess).