French Kicks.

Yelle - A Cause De Garcons
it doesn't get much more French than this.

or this
Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir (aka Short Dick Cuizinier beef rap)

i'm officially in love with this chick.


jack said...

hey i'm a friend of alicia's. she RX'd your blog to me. it's pretty sweet. do you have any yelle you can zshare or something like that?

i dropped you a link @ my blog cause you're stylin'.


Daniel Cardona said...

It is so last year :-P

Biggest beef track against TTC.

Biggie and Tupac don't know what BEEF IS lmao.

Glad you like EUROCRUNK we should go out SEPTEMBER 6th (a THURSDAY) and get down to the sounds of the BANG GANG DJs from Australia.

shouter said...

I love French Kicks.
I just added your blog onto my blog because your blog kicks ass and makes me laugh.