fascination street.

what's the use between death and glory?

you ask these questions to get me upset, don't you? you jus fucken love to put me in a bad place... you fucken twat. but i can't stay mad at you. how can i stay mad at someone with a pachinko machine for lungs?

she told me there weren't any vampires at thisss country club.

she told a fib, and i's gonna avenge that fib.

who said cyn was so original?

even lajos egri says originality is dead.

and who am i to disagree with monsignor egri?


what are you doing tonight?


he made us in his own image. so i guess that means we all won't have dates to zee prom...


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Daniel Cardona said...

I'm not going to pay my taxes anymore. Conscious Objector to the Wars on Terror.
My defense: I ain't living in Terror, I ain't scared. Therefor, I don't require your services - so stop taking my money and start giving me the right to choose how to use it in your shell of a government.

I really ain't scared, I never lock doors, because the fear of having someone come in is absurd (STUPID), the fear should be of entering and not knowing what waits inside. Locks on doors are for pussies who don't understand the game. The lock is there so "NOW YOUS CAN'TS LEAVE" (think Bronx Tale).