it's just a trick of the light she says...

it's like the feeling of a big-face 50 note hardening between your fingertips as you prepare to get the party started.
is this what they meant by mortal coil? this rolled up transmitter that's as evil as it is pure?
someone suggests that all of it's so bad for you.
but if loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right.

no one else really cared. like so much wisdom, it's fallen on deaf ears.

the Grand Education aside,
i've found that given ample time,
things tend to accrete into these whirling planetesimals of fury and lust, glory and dust.

lots of DUST!

undeniably striking, indefatigably powerful bodies of Blindsighted Light.
he walked down 11th st. and took out 300 dollars from the automatic teller that night.
for no reason at all.
steam machines and pneumatic dreams got a hold on the lot of us.

and they won't let go...

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