you know who it is!

given the circumstances, i guess i'm expected to go on at length about both the nature of the 50/Kanye showdown (which apparently Kanye is winning both commercially and critically), as well as my own opinion regarding said pseudo-beef.

while i'm into both artists pretty heavily and definitely got wrapped up in all this pre 9.11.07 bruhaha, my shit right now is Swizzie the Monsta.

of course, i fucked with Swizz Beats when he was making zee, um, beats for Ruff Ryders albums. how could i not have? but given all the neon print hoodies and BAPE and bandanas and Bimmer nonsense, i wasn't feeling the solo shit at first glance.

oh what a difference a day makes. or more accurately, what a difference some yay makes.

chillin in my Bimmah, listenin to Ether!

should be our new national (club banger) anthem.

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joy frenzy said...

I have always loved Swizz Beats. My brother made me listen to him when he first came out...I was listening to pop bands and classic rock.