I Been Awake Since '78!

Yesterday, while walking in SoHo, i happened upon a man.
But he was no less a man than a force!

Diminuitive, yes.
Mentally retarded, yes.
Homeless and without gainful employ, oh yes!

All the better, yeah.

And as a woman of no more than 55 traversed his plane of being, what would happen next would blow the minds of an entire metropolis, whether they realized it or not.

For no real reason (though i'm sure there were plenty of artificial justifications), our man, our Legend, bow-legs and all, waltzes up to said female and spits in her face.

As she hurries past in the wake of this terrible, unprovoked assault, Hewie (i've decided to name him Hewie), gives her "the finger," the ultimate insult, and calls her a "stupppittt BITCH!"

Walking past this scene, I lock eyes with the maniac, and after a nanosecond of uncertain tension, he is on his way.

Perhaps his eyes saw someone that wouldn't stand for such brutality. Or maybe he'd just blown his load on Maria and decided that it'd been enough action for one day. Back to sorting the jars of stolen urine in the 'ol shopping cart.

But surely a thing of this sort of beauty knows nothing of fear. Surely.

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