Betta Late Than Nevah Mate.

i consider myself a devout atheist, an out and out denier of all things supernatural. but this has got me wondering. something i thought to be wholly impossible goes and happens. and i believe that that, my friends, is synonymous with a miracle.

the chemistry of these two legendaires (and the gloriousness of their art) is indelible, and though we can't possibly foresee what's going to come of this reunion, let's just float on our backs and bask in the glow a bit, eh?

kinda like the way pete is basking in that first picture. feeling all safe and warm in carl's loving embrace of forgiveness. truly what the game's been missing.

if you don't know who these two are, hang yourself. or ask me. then hang yourself.

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the timemachine said...

wow...a beautiful thing it is...im loving those shady silver frat dawg chains doherty's rocking