Who Wants to Be a Man of the People, When There's People Like You?

"you don't know the meaning of beasting out unless you've snorted a drug off a bathroom floor."

for the past few years, this maxim had gone unedited, my sole defense against a generation that seems to think that weed is a hard drug (it fucking grows in the dirt, and if a little kid can blaze and not die or become violently ill, it's disqualified in my view) or that drinking a six pack of beer is binge drinking or "getting wasted." unless you've put yourself either on the brink of death, in treatment, or on your hands and knees trying to salvage your night after a bit of clumsiness, shut the fuck up.

but alas, an auxilliary to the mini-manifesto.

"You don't know the meaning of scumbaggery until you've fucked a guy's wife."

parlaying a former co-worker into an adulterous liaison was something i'd shied away from at first, but i'm really quite dichotomous (see previous post about rehab: "What More Can I Say..."). a few weeks of conscientious trepidation erased in a synapse-quick flash of horniness and a salacious want for something desperately depraved. what can i say? it's all quite biological. and besides, i'm a low-life. but not a regretful low-life mind you. shit was primo, puro, tubular even. a dream sequence played out in the suburban fuckfields. hope her husband had a good time in dallas, because i had a pretty good time in his wife.

reckless, yes. fearless, yes. godless, yes.

the soldiers of Street Thunder embrace this uncanny, hellish lifestyle. we pursue that which makes us happy and makes other people feel like shit, that which raises eyebrows and increases disdain for our tribe. we love the hate.

instant gratification's the trip my friends, 'more good times' being both our morals and our ethics. a flag flying in the face all that is pompous and proper and accepted.

surely, this isn't the end children. oh no. just the humble start of a beautiful nightmarish joyride that'll inspire future generations of vandals, philanderers, users, geniuses, and aficionados to greatness. there's many amendments to be made to this Constitution of these Rage Out States. oh yes. just give us some time. time's all we have.

an exchange:
Paul: we can drink street thunder lemonade, which is taking the nation by storm by the way
Kasai: oh yeah? ingredients?
Paul: pint glass with 2 shots everclear, lemonade, sugar and a lemon wedge
Kasai: delicious!


the timemachine said...

that first pic you had up totally resembled the first floor bathroom of the crime scene

badkarma750 said...

in memory of the crime scene, i shall put the pic up once again